r/golang I made an Archive site for Reddit with Go and Gin

posted by u/ilmari_ on 14 Jul 2022

When ever I'm googling using a search engine to look for solutions while building something, if the answer is not in a Stack Overflow discussion it's usually in a reddit thread. I wanted a way to archive information from Reddit discussions in a minimalistic way so I built this website using the Gin framework:


The site allows users to archive and view reddit discussions as plain HTML pages (no javascript btw). It doesn't do automatic archives, archives are created manually by users by submitting the post URL.

The source code is available on https://github.com/ilmari-h/bettit (GPL-3.0 License). Contributions and opening issues are very much welcome.

Going to have to add some functionality to browse archives by sub or by username, for usability as well as for SEO. Also interesting to see how well/poorly it scales, just using a simple sqlite database for storage.

posted by u/OwningLiberals on 15 Jul 2022 6▲

Very cool though a suggestion for future projects, use AGPL for online services.

I assume you used GPL because you want others to share their modifications and you don't want companies taking your work. The problem is, online services technically only have 1 user by the GPLs definition, that being the server operator. AGPL bypasses this by saying that anyone accessing the service online is also a user.

You technically can't change it now since all the old code is still under GPL so :/

posted by u/ilmari_ on 15 Jul 2022 4▲

Good point,wasn't familiar with differences between the GPL variants

As there is only one contributor (me) and there are no forks, I think there's no issue just declaring that starting now the future commits are under AGPL.

posted by u/OwningLiberals on 15 Jul 2022 1▲

Yeah but legally it's kinda shakey. Generally it's easier to downgrade copyleft than it is to upgrade copyleft. It can be done but it's hard