r/CryptoCurrency IMF and World Bank are now threatening Central African Republic, but the President explains why Bitcoin is the only option for his country, “An impenetrable bureaucracy keeps us stuck in systems that don’t give us the opportunity to be successful. Bitcoin opens a new path to a bright future.”

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So you are telling they had a thriving economy with leaps of development before Europeans. K. I will take the L on the gold claim.

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Wow, you didn't read my post at all.

They were quite poor compared to the Europeans and were significantly behind technologically.

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sociopolitical culture of those places is not suited for economic development

Yet places in Africa, mesoamerica, and the middle east had superior technology in certain sects like medicine, agriculture, astronomy, and engineering, but that doesn't count as economic or technological development?

You are really underestimating the impact of guns.

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Europe had as advanced of medicine as anywhere on the planet back then. Which is to say, not very.


Europe had by far the highest agricultural productivity globally. It wasn't even close; European farmers were producing 2-3x as much food per capita. It's one of the biggest things that fueled the economic expansion in Europe.


The Europeans had the most advanced astronomy as well by the time of the age of Exploration; the Copernician revolution started in the 1540s and was the result of highly advanced astronomy. and not long after that came Kepler, Brahe, and Galileo. They were very good at tracking the planets in the sky and came up with the rules about orbits and gravity in the 1600s, contemporary with early settlement of North America.


Again, the Europeans were really good here, which is why they were producing so many big buildings - huge cathedrals, impressive palaces, big bridges, and various other forms of impressive fortifications.

They were very advanced relative to other civilizations of the era, and indeed, the Age of Exploration happened after the Renaissance and Enlightenment, or right at the tail end of it. The Europeans were an extremely impressive civilization, which is part of why they had such a huge advantage across the board.

The reason why they HAD good guns was that they had advanced metallurgy significantly and were excellent at making weapons and armor. They had horses, they had advanced plate armor, they had advanced ships...

It's not just one thing. It was all the things that enabled it.